Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Residency is a cultural and educational experimental initiative addressed to young artists, working with text medium, poets and writers, who have interest to the residency's region social, historical, cultural and mythological aspects.
Residency provides artists with accommodation, food and covers the transportation costs (10/01 - 10/02). Educational program implies participation in lectures, discussions with Kharkiv artists, poets and writers; distant dialogue with organizers. The basic residency stay is 30 days (it could be modified individually), during which proactive advisory board is open to projects proposals and ready to assist in its realization within their powers. Projects are to be reviewed from the production feasibility side, as the budget of the initiative is limited with its organizers and curators' possibilities. The final work should have a presentation, depending on the form.
The preference will be given to authors between 18-30, who are responsible in their reseach and its results; treated equally regardless of their race, gender, national origin, colour, ethnicity, disability, experience, without privilege, discrimination, or bias; who have a desire to realize a project with sheer and ponderable conceptual and contextual side; ready to exploration of happened and happening in and out.
Residency is designed for fruitful, creatively recycled solitude. During one's stay, a resident is liberated from the clothing of need and left for oneself to carry out a moment of reflection together with interfering into the "engine room of the city" via art routes. Their never will be a final work, summary or market-ish result evaluation: everything produced for a short interval, similar to a sinked breath of a swimmer, finds a scattered point of interest then to be dispersed, unhurriedly settling in the sand-pits of our experience. The author doesn't have right to self-deluding, in which so-called 'therapeutic poetry" succeeds; we have no interest in fostering traditions; we are honoring and waiting for relentless insane perceptions, whose core hasn't found (and never will) a place in surrounding archetypes, and sinks deep into intoxicating textual-visual fibre of the fucking cities again and again, seizing and indefatigable.
There is no poetry and couldn`t be any in carriages filled in with putrescent flesh, whilst therefrom it is sold by few publishers; there is no poetry and couldn`t be any where it is not able to break the surface, underestimated, autistic, poor, fading out in a stream of another intricate social-political situation in the country. It would be naif to assume that there will not be any, however, but such supposition will enable it to emerge faster and better. It would be naif to trust these lines, flirting and scratchy-promotional for the reason that no one knows how it will turn out in the end. We believe in opportunities and are trying to grant them where there were not enough for us in our own past. The poetical form here is not a posture, just as poetry does not present itself every new morning.